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OctQ& A Part 1

OctQ& A Part 1

October 4, 2022

October Q & A part 1.


Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro

1:10 - LFS questions about the Fishless cycle card

13:48 - In the midst of an ammonia spike have I killed off the nitrifying bacteria? 

21:00 -I accident spiked my ammonia to 5 ppm on day one of the fishless cycle...

25:55 - Using a powder to mix my own Ammonia chloride solution.

32:12 -Did you change the formula of First Defense?

34:18 - Question on cycling and the science behind it.

36:51 - Question about fishless cycling in a 100g rubbermaid planted tank.

39:17 - Which version of the one and only do I use in brackish water?

40:20 - What's the difference between the one and only for reef and saltwater?

41:30 -I bought the freshwater eco balance by mistake. Can I still use the product in a reef tank?

42:58 - I accidentally got the freshwater BeneFISHal instead of the saltwater. Can I still use it?

46:45 - I’m wondering if I have an imbalance where my nitrates are too low?  I have medium amounts of green hair algae on my sand and rock, green turf algae, and very small amounts of bryopsis.

Sept Q & A

Sept Q & A

September 23, 2022

Dr Tim answers your questions! 

0:00 start
5:49 - Do I add the Beneficial Bacteria only on the First day... or throughout the entire cycling process?
10:38 -The bottle of bacteria delivered by Amazon was extremely hot. Do you think the bacteria was dead? What should I do?
19:16 - Cycling my new tank Redsea XL525 with One and Only but I’m not going to be able to add fish until day 25. Do I continue to dose ammonia?
21:31 - When using one and only do I still need to use a water conditioner?
25:30 - Issues cycling a 20g freshwater tank w/ 2 guppies
31:35 - Issues cycling advice on a 54 g tank on a fishless cycle 12 days ago. 
36:02 - Issues cycling a 55g planted tank and ammonia readings that won't go down. 
42:57 - Fish in cycle while using Ich-X 
46:27 - I use the Waste-Away gel and want to know if I have to remove it for 24 hrs before dosing Re-Fresh?

If you have any questions, please comment or send us a message- info@drtimsaquatics.com 

New ASF Products

New ASF Products

September 6, 2022

Have you heard about the new ASF products? This podcast will give you an overview of what you can expect to see this fall and next spring. 

00:00 Intro
0:28 ASF
2:26 New Pumps
9:37 Pump thermal protection
10:27 Wavemakers
15:30 NJMx Pumps
17:22 Salt
23.:25 Reef Shots
30:11 Liquid Additives
30:33 Powder Additives
31:41 Proten LED's
40:31 ASF Test Kits

August Q&A

August Q&A

August 17, 2022

Dr. Tim answers your questions!


00:00 Start

1:15- 1"Is it better to add Waste Away to a reef setup once a week,or better to split and dose half twice a week? How long do I need to turn off the skimmer? 

5:39-2 How to use Waste-Away and Re-Fresh on my 24 gallon tank.

7:32- 3 "I will be completing the cycle soon, but won't be able to get fish for another 2 weeks, do I continue to dose 2ppm ammonia and how often?"

8:49- 4 "Is it normal for the pH be low during fishless cycling?"

12:01- 5 54g tank on a fishless cycle with high nitrites and nitrates.

16:17-6 ReFresh and sea cucumbers.

17:31-7 "Do I need to remove the floss when cycling?"

18:01-8 "I treated my "milky" tank 24 hours ago with Clear Up, but there has been no change. Can you advise?"

21:43- 9 Fishless cycle and when to use a water conditioner. 

23:12-10 "I just received a fishless cycle kit and it was really warm when I got it. Is it still ok?"

27:14- 11 I’m going to use your products to fight Dino, but I’m confused about the waste away and refresh product, there is two versions of them which you recommend?

30:33- 12  I’m on day 5 of a fishless cycle and was wondering if it would interrupt cycle if I added a small amount of dry rock to the tank at this point?

31:13- 13 A 3 week old, 210g tank, with cichlids and nitrites is about 1.0. Is your product still at work getting those nitrites converted into nitrates?

32:52- 14 "Am I able to use the one and only bacteria and nutri seawater?"

34:04- 15  Spike in numbers on Day 10 after adding live sand. Should I do a water change?

36:09- 16 Fishless cycle, with Dr.Tim's ammonia and nitrifying bacteria. After a few days my ammonia is 0 and I am not seeing any nitrates or nitrites. Am I supposed to dose with more ammonia or for nitrites to show up? I have a planted tank with gravel at the bottom. Very hard water, relatively alkaline. I've kept the temperature over 80."

Cyanos and Dinos

Cyanos and Dinos

August 10, 2022

Dr. Tim talks about some of the basics of Cyanos and Dinos

Time Stamps:

1:52-Cyanobacteria; what are they?

3:13- Dinos; what are they?

5:34- How cyanos work

6:28- How to control nitrate

10:58- What to do if you have cyano

14:08- What consumes nitrate

15:27- Cyano Treatments

19:09- Cyano overload and issues it might cause

22:47- Dino growth

25:56- Dino treatment

31:37- How to balance your tank

33:00- Lighting


Thank you so much for listening to our podcast! If you have something you'd like to hear about or a question you'd like to ask, send us a message at info@drtimsaquatics.com

July Q & A part 2

July Q & A part 2

July 27, 2022

The second half of our July Question and Answer podcast

00:00 Intro
00:34 -1- Well water and AquaCleanse
05:36 -2- No change in Bio pellet consumption on a 280 gallon system. 
09:54 -3- ReFresh and canister filters
11:02 -4- Green film on the glass. 
16:34 -5- Safe to use ReFresh and WasteAway with Pistol and Cleaner Shrimp
19:25 -6- Cloudy water after using WasteAway and Refresh treatment
27:54 -7- Cycling with dry seeded purple rock and One and Only
31:53 -8- Aqueon Water Conditioner being used with ammonia and One and Only.
33:40 -9- Cycling using raw shrimp
36:40 -10- Take cycling issues when mixing product lines. 
43:01 -11- ReFresh was brown colored when it arrived.

Thank you so much for listening! If you have any questions, comment below, reach out via info@drtimsaquatics.com 

July Q&A Part 1

July Q&A Part 1

July 23, 2022

We had so many questions that this will be part 1 of 2 Question and Answer Podcasts this month! Thank you for all your questions.


Time Stamps:

0:45 - Important announcement

1:45 -#1- Do you recommend removing filter socks and/or carbon when dosing First Defense?

3:34 -#2- Can I use nopox and waste away at the same time? Do I need to remove my carbon?

5:54 -#3- What do you do when you have a bacterial bloom?

6:39 -#4- Amazon order of Koi EcoBalance from the USA to Singapore.

7:26 -#5- Ingredients in First Defense. Is it okay for Axolotls?

8:22 -#6- How should I use Waste Away, ReFresh, and EcoBalance together in my reef tank?

14:46 -#7- Are you guys thinking about publishing a book?

16:50 -#8-  Step-by-step video on exactly what you would do if you were doing a fish in cycle.

21:51 -#9- Cycling a new 20g tank.... My levels are .25ammonia...Is it necessary to add more ammonia?

25:42 -#10- Would you recommend ever using a siphon gravel/sand cleaner....?

30:33 -#11- Is it normal for the pH to be low during fishless cycling?....

39:50 -#12- I didn’t read the directions and gave the full dosage of waste away...?


If you have a question, send us a message at info@drtimsaquatics.com or reach out to us on social media-@drtimsaquatics .

DrTim’s Aquatics Media

DrTim’s Aquatics Media

July 15, 2022

At the last trade shows we've gotten several questions about our medias, what they do, and when you should use them. This episode is a casual conversation about the DrTim's Aquatics medias.


Time Stamps:

00:00 Intro

1:30 What is media?

4:35 Pores and surface area of media.

5:37 Filtration setup and order

7:13 Carbon

21:14 Phosphate

24:31 Phosphate Eliminator and Phosphate Eliminator Plus

28:20 Media bags

39:47 Zeolite

45:45 Review


As always if you have any questions of if you would like more information on something, please send us a message through our social media channels or via our website.

June Q & A Episode

June Q & A Episode

July 5, 2022

Join us for our June question and answer episode. 

00:00 Start
3:42 - Maxima clam and brown algae treatment
5:58 - Aquarium cloudiness caused by rinsing bio-media
10:44 - How to remove substrate from a tank
16:20 - Is it better for the bacteria to cycle a tank using treated tap water or rodi?
19:20 - How long I should focus on nitrifiers before I seed the tank with coraline for my rocks?
20:56 - What point during a tank’s life should I  worry about adding the organic consuming bacteria?
22:15 -  How to get my pH up from the beginning, to help the bacteria?
27:30 - How long is Eco-Balance good for, how can I tell if it is expired?
30:37 - Nitrite, phosphate levels off balance
37:06 - What is the optimum reef tank pH range for Waste-Away and Eco-Balance?
41:23 Tank cycling, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates 

If you have a question for Dr Tim, leave a comment or send us a message at info@drtimsaquatics.com

May Podcast- Bene-FISH-al Fish Food and Nutrition

May Podcast- Bene-FISH-al Fish Food and Nutrition

May 18, 2022

In this episode Dr Tim talks about the basics of fish nutrition as well as the benefits of using Bene-FISH-al Fish food.



2:00- Fish and Feeding

5:10 Fish and Wheat

11:00 Dr Jessie Sanders

11:30 HUFA's and PUFA's

13:57 What to look for when buying food

15:00 Herbivores, Omnivores, Carnivores

15:59 Goldfish and Oscars

18:06 Protein requirements

20:24 DrTim's Aquatics Bene-FISH-al Fish food

26:11 Bene-FISH-al benefits

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